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Acrylic & Design Workshop

Have you ever wondered how the magic that nail artists create is done? Are you unhappy in your current career path? Do you just want to try a new hobby?

Here at Taught by Glitterati you will learn how to do nails like the professionals. No matter your experience level. Each class is tailored to the student. We will teach you the fundamentals such as a nail prep, safety, and sanitation. Students will also learn how to apply a flawless acrylic application, properly use the e-file and, much more.

Each class includes a starter kit with everything that you will need to jump start your nail business and enough supplies for 5-10 sets.
Send an email for more information on how you can start your new career in nails.

Class Includes:

       ◦       Sanitation & Safety
        ◦       Prep & Application
        ◦       Shaping & Proper E-File Use
        ◦       Business/ Marketing Tips
        ◦       Certificate of Completion
        ◦       & More


Kit Includes:

        ◦       Basic Manicure Supplies
        ◦       E-File
        ◦       Gel Lamp
        ◦       Kolinsky Acrylic Brush
        ◦       Acrylic Stater Kit
        ◦       & Much More

Taught by Glitterati is specifically designed to serve as an introduction or enhancement of the theoretical and practical knowledge required for vocational application. This class is intended to help individuals in the furtherance of their vocational training and is not intended as a substitute for state licensing or certification requirements, which may include an apprenticeship or additional training, depending on the governing laws of the state in which you reside or work.

Glitterati Nails does not promise employment as a direct result of completing its
program. Do not assume that certifications you earn during this class will be transferable to any other school, college or university. Ensure that you check with the receiving