Since the age of 13 Samantha has been a regular in the nail salon. She always wondered how they created the magic they did on these tiny canvases. After feeling unfulfilled in her career path, she decided it was time for a change. After careful deliberation Samantha pursued nails, the nail industry would allow her to be creative while still playing an active role in customer service. She became licensed in the summer of 2016. Samantha would go on to work in several local nail salons in both Maryland and the District of Columbia before steeping out on her own.

Through hard work and dedication Glitterati Nail Lounge was opened in the summer of 2018. Samantha has continued to build her client relationships through providing exemplary customer service, maintaining strict sanitation practices, and perfecting her craft.  In the spring of 2020 Samantha decided to expand the Glitterati Nails brand by the addition of Luxury Press On Nails. These nails range from simple everyday looks to more daring avant-garde looks. Each collection of luxury press on nails are hand crafted by Samantha. 

We hope that while on our site you become excited, mesmerized, and have a desire to follow your path to happiness. 

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